What is PVC Fencing

PVC, otherwise known as Polyvinyl Chloride is a widely used thermoplastic polymer that is quickly gaining momentum as a superior building material alternative to timber.

This is not only because of its assorted colours, styles and sizes but also because of its maintenance-free durability. Timber will always be vulnerable to the rigors of the natural elements such as weather and termites as PVC's plastic formation is highly durable and performs well in all weather conditions. UV-Rated and guaranteed not to fade, rust or deform in any way, PVC requires no ongoing painting as the colour is guaranteed to hold well past any expectation.

Perhaps, most importantly, PVC is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable as opposed to Copper Chromium Arsenic-treated timber, which contains many chemicals that will affect the soil it decomposes into, as well as presenting a health risk to us and our wildlife.

A comparison of PVC versus Timber Fencing.

Projected Life 50+ Years 5 - 15 Years
Maintenance Free Yes No
Graffiti Resistant Yes No
Termite Free Yes No
Fungus & Dry Rot Free Yes No
Free of Harmful Chemicals
(Arsenic, Lead, Creosote)
Yes No
Needs Painting No Yes
Color Stable Yes No

If, by some chance, our U-PVC does not uphold these qualities we guarantee a full warranty.


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