PVC Privacy Fencing / PVC Privacy Fencing with Pickets

PRIVACY FENCING is popular on residential properties, commonly used to divide property boundaries.

Our Privacy fencing is Impervious to moisture, termites and fungus. Rail inserts are manufactured with tongue & groove joints to ensure a smooth elegant finish. Identical on both sides ensuring our fences are pleasing for both you and your neighbours. Constructed to withstand high wind loads and work as a sound barrier with itís acoustic attributes.

Ideal for use in:

Completely compatible with our Aluminium Gates and accessories range.

Privacy Fencing is available in two different styles:


Privacy Fence Broucher Download


Privacy Fence
PF-001-1: 2.4m(w) x 1.5m(h)
PF-001-2: 2.4m(w) x 1.8m(h)
PF-001-3: 2.4m(w) x 2.1m(h)
PF-001-4: 2.4m(w) x 2.4m(h)
Privacy Fence with Pickets
PF-002-1: 2.4m(w) x 1.5m(h)
PF-002-2: 2.4m(w) x 1.8m(h)
PF-002-3: 2.4m(w) x 2.1m(h)
PF-002-4: 2.4m(w) x 2.4m(h)



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