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MATHOS GROUP PTY LTD is an Australian manufacturing and distribution company. Trading within the Timber Fencing industry for over 20 years. Our business has enjoyed a colorful tenure in timber fencing installation, achieved only through the tireless efforts of our staff, and our constant attention to the basic fundamental of business: Customer Satisfaction.

What sets us apart is that we are also involved in the manufacturing process. As part of our dedication to introduce new and innovative products to our clients we are now beginning a new venture into the world of U-PVC Fencing, and in typical MATHOS style, we aim to become the number one supplier of U-PVC Fencing in Australia.

We have established a good name in the fencing industry by ensuring customer satisfaction at all times by presenting the best products which include, picket fencing, privacy fencing, pool fencing, post and rail, dressage arenas and at the same time providing you the best services. This level of professionalism is something we truly value and intend to keep.
We have never presented anything less than the best in service, skills and materials. From the expertise of our installers, to the high quality products we offer, MATHOS ensures only the finest results with full value for money. This standard of professionalism is something we’ve made sure to maintain over the last 20 years


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